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You need to consider some crucial points to get the right size to fit your horse. 
Please have a look at Size and Fit.
The measurements are in inches or centimeters.
Hope you find the information you need to get the right measurements and size.
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Recommended insulation level?

You know your horse the best, we also know that people tend to overrug the horse.

Good to know about rug and blanket and that one Hocket is enough, don´t overrug your horse

Individual parameters to consider are:

► Temperature – the temperature outside
► Age and breed of the horse and whether it is an individual that is naturally warm or cold      
► How much and how often the horse is clipped
► Rain/Humidity     
► Wind  
► Activity level, i.e. whether the horse is stationary or in motion and/or eating
► Heat release = sweating or evaporation   
► Time spent outside or inside

We are confident this is a new and superior level of insulation and construction. This helps cover the exposed parts of the body and prevents the horse from getting cold without being exposed to unnecessary weight or clammy feeling.

Every care must be taken by the equestrian to ensure the animal is not in any distress when using the Hocket through overheating, especially when the season is turning and the sun comes out.

Ensure less weight and more effective with the new innovative Hocket.

Hope you find the information you need to get the right Hocket. Otherwise please feel free to contact us, i.e. if you have outstanding questions.

Weight does not equal warmth

► Lighter filling used in some of the most extreme performance garments for humans is new to the equine industry
► Light and regulated heat level – warmth when needed and temperature controlled when necessary
► Think new superior warmth-to-weight ratios without extra weight
► Comfortable microclimate with high air circulation
► Soft Equifill with short dry time and high durability
► One Hocket® is enough, don´t overrug

Denier vs Thickness vs Weight vs Strength

A high denier does not indicate that the material is strong, only that it is thicker and therefore heavier.

The crucial things that you need to know are:     
► The type of fibers used     
► How the thread is spun     
► How the fabric is produced.

Horses should have the opportunity to use light and flexible products,
 just like human athletes.

Equimade uses durable, strong Cordura® blended outer fabric without extra clumsy weight.

Equifill comfortable heat without the weight

The technical and light Equifill insulation has been developed for extreme requirements. It has been used for arctic climate sleeping bags, outerwear, gloves and shoes for high-altitude expeditions.

It is good to know that it is not possible to compare the effect of insulation material by comparing the weight. That is why we use CLO-value. The effect of the insulation is mainly determined by the:
► Structure and composition of the fibres
► How the fibres were treated
► The construction of the product itself.

The unique Equifill solution creates a heat capability so it is possible to keep warm without carrying excessive weight. Hundreds of thousands of continuous strands of synthetic fibres are used in a unique Equifill heating solution. The heat is maintained extremely well in the hollow fibres and provides a heat/weight ratio which is second to none.

With Equifill a very comfortable microclimate is created with high air circulation. This ensures that the horse’s heat level can be regulated, so that it gets warmth when needed and temperature controlled when necessary.

Detachable Neck

On the Hocket® range it is possible to use a detachable neck. Everything is made-to-measure so you should be able to find the right size that fits your horse. 

Belly wrap that gives protection

The Hocket® range comes with a unique design closes snugly around the belly. Protecting the skin and internal organs from the cold, wet and wind.

The belly-straps are also totally stretchable. Increasing comfort and safety, especially when the horses lie down or have a roll. The buckles are strong and flexible. Without sharp edges or hard metal.

Unlike anything you have used before

Having analysed current rugs and blankets on the market. We wanted to
dramatically improve the fit and performance and created the Hocket®.

Not like a rug and blanket – the Hocket comfort comes from both the construction and the material. The design does not produce any abrasive pressure on sensitive areas. Such as the withers, the shoulders and around the neck.

The Hocket system enables the horse to move ergonomically whilst eating, stationary and in motion. It offers extended protection for muscles and organs, as well as minimizing the work for the handler.

Made-to-measure size-combination (Body/Front/Neck)

Optional parts and customized sizes for a perfect fit. If your horse has a wide chest. Please find the right size in the Size and Fit guide.

Patented, modern innovative solutions

In the Hocket® system there are different parts that have cushioning. Durable, flexible, breathable, light, soft, shaped pressure relief. Unlike anything on the market. Both around the withers and around the chest. Have a more detailed look at the information in Hocket ® or What is Hocket?

Straps and buckles

The buckles are strong and flexible. Without sharp edges or hard metal. They can be opened with one hand, even when wearing gloves. Everything is handled from the left hand side.

No front straps or buckles. Just soft material underneath the neck. 4 dimensional spacing fabric underneath the throat. All to give maximal flexibility and softness.

Denier vs Thickness vs Weight vs Strength

A high denier does not indicate that the material is strong, only that it is thicker and therefore heavier. Horses should have the opportunity to use light and flexible products, just like human athletes. Equimade uses durable, strong Cordura® blended outer fabric without extra clumsy weight. As well as Coolmax® for the lining. Both of them have bluesign® and oeko-tex® certification.

Made in Europe

We are proud to design, develop and produce our own products and manufacture them in Europe. Equimade has operations in a number of European countries.

Equimade manufactures in Europe to ensure we upfold our values:
Use ​environmentally friendly and sustainable material and methods as possible
Promoting local expertise
Reducing climate impact.

To be able to meet these high ambitions we engineer, develop, design and produce our products in Europe. In Europe we meet and exceed the world’s most demanding environmental law and policy regulations. As set by the European Union.

No rubs

Good clothing should not create any rubbing. We have designed and engineered all our products to make them as safe as possible. We want to ensure we prevent anything that could effect the horse and handler in a negative way.

Prevent slipping

The design and all the components parts are tailored to the horses athletic body. More exacting measurements, many more component parts, the snug fit, adjustable part. make this rug totally stabile. There is no need for restricting leg straps. If you see any sign of side slippage – please have a thorough look at your horse. It maybe something that is not 100 % right with your horses confirmation. This maybe a sign that you need to check your horse.

The break away tie up system Easy Connect is the safe way to to tie up a horse. Without being worried about the horse hurting its neck or you getting hurt during the tie up. It is quick, easy and safe to use
You need to ensure the distance between the tie up posts or tie up rings are wide enough. So it is easy and safe to move around the horse. The horse should be able to stand still comfortably. And still be able to move the feet freely so it does not feel trapped. 
There is also plenty of tips on: Tying a horse with Easy Connect
Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us.
With the break away tie up system Easy Connect you do not need to tie a quick release knot. Or use bailing twine or any other items. Just take the soft Velcro® end of the Easy Connect system. It is easy to tie it around the ring or bar where you want to tie up your horse.

For more details – go to Tying a horse Easy


You do not need them! With the break away tie up system Easy Connect you get a modern system that is light, very strong, quick, easy and safe to use.
If the horse panics and needs to get loose, the Easy Connect Velcro® opens. Without damaging the neck and ensuring there is still something to hold on to.

For more details – go to Easy Connect.

When transporting the horse, it is important that the horse is standing in a safe position.

Safe so it can not get to other horses and interfere with them.

But still loose enough so they can adjust their weight to movement during driving. It is easy to get the the Easy Connect Velcro® through holes or around a bar or ring – so a lot of options for different needs.

For instance like this:

Innovative break away tie up system for horse in a trailer


Are you still unsure? Please feel free to contact us.

You know what length you prefer, but generally it depends on the:
  • Width of the grooming place
  • Height of the connecting hole
  • Your horse and your need of movement without stressful restrictions
  • Height of the horses head
  • Place on the headcollar where you would like to attach to

An example of what it can look like: Innovative break away tie up system for horse


Still need assistance? Please feel free to contact us.

Continuous care ensures good performance and extends the useful life of the products. Be sure to follow the care instructions.

Usually they are on the inside of the textile products. Please read our laundry and care guide under the respective product. For more detailed tips on how to handle your products – please read Textile Care.

If you don´t you find what you are looking for – please contact us.

Please read first the product’s Wash & Care label. Different products have different care advice. If this is not sufficiently informative. Please take a look at the care advise under the respective product specification.

In general (not wool products), you can wash your textile Equimade products in the washing machine on a 105°F/40°C wash with low spin.

For best results, use a small amount of detergent. Please do not use powder detergent, rinse aid or bleach.

For more details – go to Textile Care.

It is important to maintain and wash each product in the right way. To maximize the durability of the products.

Always follow the textile care washing instructions on the product. Please read more useful recommendations in Textile Care.

We recommend washing the neck covers and the horse blanket detached from Hocket Body if you are using a small washing machine. Snowflake Hocket Body (horse jacket) and Esquimaux Horse rug system should be washed in a professional washing machine.

Wash and water contact

Wash in 105°F/40°C warm water degrees temperature. Use the correct amount of technical detergent.

For best results, use a small amount of technical liquid detergent. Please do not use powder detergents, fabric softener or chlorine bleach. You can find some more information in Textile Care.

For wool horse blanket – the natural fat content is so high they are self cleaning. Please just shake it gently and let it hang to ventilate. Do not wash it in water or dry clean.


We recommend line-drying your products. It uses less energy and reduces your impact on the environment.

For more detailed info – please go to Textile Care.

We recommend using a low number, that does not spin the products too much. At reduced speed, folds are minimized and the product’s life is maximized.

Waterproof Equishell 

It is good to know that different techniques can be used to obtain a waterproof fabric. In the waterproof Hocket Equishell, there is a membrane laminated onto the fabric.

Water vapor can then pass through the Equishell, while water droplets cannot enter. This is what is commonly referred to as “breathable material”.

Equimade uses a very light weight, soft, quiet and efficient Equishell.

The comfortable high tech Equishell membrane is produced in Europe. With the highest environmental standards. Equishell can handle a water column of 10,000 mm (i.e. 10 meters). This is how the Hocket is waterproof. 


For water-repellent effect, the Hocket is treated with Durable Water Repellent-finish (DWR). If water no longer beads on the shell, after trying to reactivate it (by applying gentle heat) you should re-apply the DWR. Hang the clean, damp product and spray DWR evenly on the wet outer fabric of the garment. Concentrating on the back areas.

More detailed info in Textile Care.


Before storing the products there are a few things to consider.

Make sure the product is clean, dry and stored at room temperature or cooler.

Don’t move products directly into storage from sun or other hot environments. This can damage the waterproofing membrane. It is better to allow the Hocket® to cool before storing.

The membrane on the inside of the fabric on the Hocket® gives the waterproofing properties. It must be handled with the same care as your own outdoor clothes.

We recommend you store your product hanging it in a dry, cool and dark place. 

If you need to store it away, we recommend Equimades packing bag. If you seal it in a plastic bag it will accelerate the breakdown of the membranes. 

For more storage information – please read more in  Textile Care.

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As soon as the goods are shipped, you will receive an email confirmation so you know the delivery is on its way. If you haven’t received a confirmation within 24 hours of your purchase, please check the spam folder. If you still can’t find anything, please contact us. Always make sure to enter the correct e-mail when completing your order.

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Equimade offers both account and credit card payment as well as invoice payment:

Card payment

Equimade offers card payment through our payment partner STRIPE which is authorized with PCI Service Provider Level 1. certification. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Your card details are securely transferred and stored in encrypted form. The card is debited when you as a customer have completed your order. Card payments can be made using the following account and debit/credit card issuer:

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Invoice payment

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Once your purchase has been approved by Klarna, we at Equimade can send you the products you have ordered. This will also be appended to the invoice. This means that you never have to pay before you have received the products.

The payment period is normally at least 14 days, but there is also the possibility of partial payment.

If you want to pay for your purchase, you only need to look for the “pay lowest” line that you find on the invoice. There you will see the lowest amount that needs to be paid on time.

An invoice fee of SEK 29 per purchase will be added. If the payment is not incurred, a reminder fee of 60 SEK and interest on arrears of 25.00% will be charged. At the time of purchase, a credit check is made which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. Then you will get a copy of the credit data by post. Personal data is handled in accordance with applicable law. Klarna processes personal data for the purpose of performing customer analysis, identification, credit control and marketing. Klarna uses Social Security Numbers as the customer number for customer management purposes.

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Then you need to fill in the Return Form and send it to us, so we know how to best help you.

All items must be returned unused and perfectly fine condition, i.e. in the same condition they were in upon your receipt. This means the items should not have been damaged, soiled, washed, altered or worn. (Other than to try the item on. But then with a protection cover so no hair or bacteria have come in contact with the product). Labels or tags should be intact. 

The Equimade packaging is considered to be a part of the product. It must be returned with the products. This is also to ensure that the product(s) arrive back to us in a suitable and undamaged state. Returns that are damaged or soiled will not be accepted. They will be sent back to the customer and/or a refund refused.

The product must be properly packaged so that it cannot be damaged.

Shipping costs are non-refundable and you need to pay for the return shipping, unless you reported the product as damaged when received.

As soon as we start processing your return you will receive an email as confirmation.

Please note that it may take up to 14 days from the date we received your return until you receive the refund.

As soon as we have received and started processing your return, which normally takes 14 days, you will receive the refund.

Refunds will be credited to the purchaser’s original method of payment.

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