Safety Lead Rope

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  • Strong and safe horse lead rope.
  • Easy to use SafeConnect sports carabiner.
  • Reduces accidents and injuries.
  • Firmness prevents knotting and tangling.
  • Produced in European rope factory.
  • Meets high environmental and industrial standards.
  • Sealed with non-toxic shrink tube.
  • Lovingly assembled in Sweden.

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Specifications of Safety Lead Rope for Horses

Safety Lead Rope Carabiner: 100 % Aluminium.

The certified climbing carabiner, EN12275:2013 (Mountaineering equipment – Connectors), have a guaranteed loading on:

  • Minimum Breaking Strength Major Axis: 24 000 Newton
  • Minimum Breaking Strength Open gate: 9 000 Newton
  • Minimum Breaking Strength Minor Axis: 8 000 Newton.
  • Made in Europe.

Other features:

  • Rope: Core of 8-platted polyester-silk from Europe with a cover in 24-platted polyester-wool from Europe. Made in Europe.
  • Thread: Polyester-silk.
  • Seam: Minimum Breaking Load of 2 000 kilo. Made in Europe.
  • Shrink tube: Co-extrusion of polyolefin and hot-melt adhesive. Approvals: UL 224 125°C VW-1 600V File No.E204071 and meet SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/4. Made in Europe.
  • Assembling: Made in Europe.
  • Shipping: On road to Sweden for assembling and sewing, and then out in the world.

Other products that also have the very strong carabiner are for example Tying a horse and Horse Lunge Line.

Weight 0.399 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


  • Marine blue rope with blue markers.
  • Black seam and shrink tube.
  • Carabiner in black, with Malibu blue gate and an etched Equimade logo.


  • Wipe the Carabiner, shrink tube and rope with a smooth damped cloth with some organic washing-up liquid.


  • Product total weight: 395 g
  • Length: 235 cm
  • Carabiner: 10,1 cm x 5,75 cm x 1,1 cm with a weight of 44 g.
  • Rope: dimension of 18 mm

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