Innovative Horse rug Hocket in blue with a horse having the head down with black background floating

Rethink your
rug and blanket & get the patented
Hocket system.

The ergonomic and safe Hocket system ensures horses to maintain their own natural movement and eating pattern with minimal discomfort and friction. It also has extended protection for muscles and organs as well as minimizing the work for the handler.

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Innovative tie up & break away system – 
Easy Connect.

We all know that horses may panic or just move around a lot when tied up. When we developed this we had three words in mind: Safe, easy and harmless. And not just for the horse but for you as a handler.

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Tie-up the horse in crossties in stable with a good crosstie system.

How to tie up a horse in a safe manner?

Area, safe footing, fixation, height, length, quality and safety parameters – what you should take into consideration.

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Tie up the horse with a good result needs some preparation and good horsemanship. With a person standing next to the horse with a relaxed hand on the horse, the horse has the ears forward and it looks like the training with tie up the horse in crossties goes well.

Training the horse to tie-up in the crosstie

Make every experience in the crossties as brief and enjoyable as possible for the horse. Work with the preparation and step by step training to a good experience.

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Carabiner with soft edges compared to an old fashion carabiner with sharp edges.

Horse tie up Safety Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather information about safety for horses and handlers when in use of tie up system. One part is about the horse and the other part is about the human. It takes about two minutes. You can also choose to submit your personal information to be able to win a pair of the safe tie up system Easy Connect.