Together we can prevent accidents while tie up the horse.


Ties for horse in stable show a innovative break away tie up system for horses.

Area to tie the horse

Horse in crossties at grooming area looking relaxed and happy due to a good preparation to tie-up the horse in the crosstie. Every experience in the crossties should be as brief and enjoyable as possible for the horse.

Safe footing for the horse

Safe footing is important when tie-up a horse. The floor should have a non-slippery surface, such as a rubber floor.

Good fixation of ties

Good fixation of ties with eyebolt and rings for tie up a horse in stall ties.

Height of horse tie-rings

Tie-up the horse in crossties in stable with a good crosstie system.

Length of the ties for horses

Length of the ties for horses should be so the crossties carabiner cross over each other so the horse can move around and not feel restricted.

High quality and safety parameters

Tie-up system easy connect is an innovative break away tie up system for horse showing an easy grip loop
Halter on the neck of the horse should have a wide surface halter when tie-up. The halter the horse is using have a soft and wide surface and is in good quality as well as the blue striped wool horse blanket.
Carabiner with soft edges compared to an old fashion carabiner with sharp edges.
Single stall ties with a horse in a tie-up system where the horse and halter are connected in good way, even though the horse moves around and fiddle with the head.
Washing down a horse in rust-free stall ties with a horse that is tasting the waterdrops with the tongue.
High attachment of tie-up where the carabiner is attached to the higher halter rings on a black horse. Kan användas som tex transportgrimskaft
Grimmor till hästar Halters to horses Headcollar to horse
Easy Connect in stable is an innovative break away tie up system for horses that is safe and reliable when you have learned the horse some ground handling.