Easy Connect

64.76 $

  • Safe and secure tie-up system.
  • Innovative product for horse safety.
  • Automatic release in emergencies.
  • Curved gate SafeConnect sports carabiner.
  • Soft edges, no sharp points.
  • Safe distance quick release.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Suitable for various situations.
  • Sold as single, pair recommended.
  • Unique Easy Connect system, the best way to tie a horse correctly and safely.

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Specifications of Easy Connect for a Horse

  • The Easy Connect Safety Tie-up has a twill band, weaved on a needle loom in Europe. Made out of 100 % Polyester. With a thickness of 1 mm and a breaking strength of 1456 dekanewton (daN) and a weight of 39 g/m.
  • Attached in a loop is a SafeConnect carabiner in aluminium. A strong seam, with a continuous filament thread, makes the loop. Then sealed with a shrink tube.
  • The certified SafeConnect climbing carabiner, EN12275:2013 (Mountaineering equipment – Connectors), have a guaranteed loading on:
    Minimum Breaking Strength Major Axis: 24 000 Newton
    Minimum Breaking Strength Open gate: 9 000 Newton
    Minimum Breaking Strength Minor Axis: 8 000 Newton. Made in Europe.
  • The Velcro® has a good shear strength and will opens with a load of around 900 Newton ~ around 90 kilo. Velcro®s ability to close is reduced by 50 % after 10000 openings.
  • With under a kilo of strength in the fingers, the Velcro® can easily be opened – just pull the safety tab to the side.
  • Shipped on the road to Sweden for assembling and sewing, and then out into the world.

Other products that also have very strong carabiners are for example Safety Lead Rope and Safety Lunge Line.
Read more about safe tie up with Easy Connect here.

Weight 0133 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm


  • Black twill band, thread, shrink tube and Velcro®.
  • Carabiner in black, with Malibu blue gate and an laser-cut Equimade logo.


  • Make sure the Velcro is well attached to each other to use and protect the hook and loop system.
  • Wipe the Carabiner, shrink tube and twill band with a smooth damped cloth with organic washing-up liquid. Make sure the Velcro® is closed.
  • Possible to wash at 60 degrees celsius – make sure to close the Velcro and take of the Carabiner.
  • If the Velcro® has not been attached properly and is filthy – comb it gently so it is clean and can do its job again.


  • Total product weight: 133 g (when 120 cm in length)
  • Length: 53 cm – 198 cm each.
  • Carabiner: 10,1 cm x 5,75 cm x 1,1 cm with a weight of 44 g.
  • Twill band, dimension of 40 mm x 1 mm with a weight of 39 g/m.


What our Customers Say About the Tie-Ups System

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what the users have to say!

The quietness and simplicity are amazing.

It’s convenient that you don’t have to worry about unwanted bounce backs, which can come from rubber systems.

It's nice that the carabiners are so soft.

It’s easier for the horses to calm down if they panic and the product opens.

It’s good to finally have a product you can count on and doesn’t give trouble when using.

They are easy to use, and not as clumsy as other security options.

It makes minimal noise and it’s so comfortable.

They have large carabiners and are comfortable to hold.

They are light, so it’s nice for us who use them on many horses every day.

It’s just very nice to use.

One of the horses had it released the other day, and it was so easy to set them up again

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