Horse Lunge Line

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It has never been easier or safer to lunge or train your horse. It is a reliable, steady and soft lunge line with an easy-to-use carabiner.

With 10 meters in total length, it makes it possible for you to get a steady grip around the lunge line/training line and have good contact with your horse. The firmness of the rope makes it easy to use and prevents dangerous knots or tangling’s to get stuck. The polyester-silk line with a cover in 24-platted polyester-wool is made here in Europe. The 100% aluminum carabiner is originally from mountaineering connectors to have a higher breaking strength. A strong black seam underneath the shrink tube protects the carabiner loop.

The line is so strong and firm that it can handle more than 1100 kg!

You’ll never have to worry about the rope or buckle breaking again, there are no obstacles with our safety horse lunge line.

And of course, our products are developed to be as sustainable as possible. It’s good for you, it’s good for your horse AND it’s good for the environment.

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Specifications of our safety horse lunge line

Safety Lunge Line Carabiner: 100 % Aluminium. Made in Europe.

The certified climbing carabiner, EN12275:2013 (Mountaineering equipment – Connectors), have a guaranteed loading on:

  • Minimum Breaking Strength Major Axis: 24 000 Newton.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength Open gate: 9 000 Newton.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength Minor Axis: 8 000 Newton.

More features:

  • Safety Lunge Line Rope: Core of 8-platted polyester-silk from Europe. With a cover in 24-platted polyester-wool from Europe. Made in Europe.
  • Seam: Minimum Breaking Load of 1100 kilo. Made in Europe.
  • Thread: Polyester-silk.
  • Shrink tube: Co-extrusion of polyolefin and hot-melt adhesive. Approvals: UL 224 125°C VW-1 600V. File No.E204071 and meet SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/4. Made in Europe.
  • Assembling: Made in Europe.
  • Shipping: On road to Sweden for assembling and sewing, and then out in the world.

Other products that also have the very strong carabiner are for example Easy Connect and Safety Lead Rope.

Weight 0.399 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm


  • Marine blue rope with blue markers.
  • Black seam and shrink tube.
  • Carabiner in black, with Malibu blue gate and an etched Equimade logo.


  • Wipe the Carabiner, shrink tube and rope with a smooth damped cloth with some organic washing-up liquid.


  • Total product weight: 740 g
  • Length:10 meter with a 25 cm loop.
  • Carabiner: 10,1 cm x 5,75 cm x 1,1 cm with a weight of 44 g.
  • Rope: dimension of 10 mm

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