Step 1 – In the stall before the crosstie

Tie-up training introduce in the stall, the place the horse already knows and is comfortable in and looks relaxed. With a person standing close watching over the horses reactions.

Step 2 – Standing in the crosstie area

Standing in the crosstie area and starting slowly by simply placing the horse in the crosstie area and keeping his feet still and the attention focused on the handler.

Step 3 – Relaxed in the crosstie area

Relaxed in the crosstie area brushing the horse’s neck and shoulders.

Step 4 – Attach one tie-up

Attach one tie-up when the horse is comfortable with this training, go ahead and hook one of the carabiners to the rings of the halter. A lead rope is attached to the halter, so it is easier to ask the horse to take a small step forward until it feels the halter pressure.

Step 5 – Start moving around the crosstie

Training a horse to tie-up in different steps and when the horse seems comfortable with the lesson so far, it is possible to start moving around the horse’s body and stroke it with a brush..


Tie up the horse with a good result needs some preparation and good horsemanship. With a person standing next to the horse with a relaxed hand on the horse, the horse has the ears forward and it looks like the training with tie up the horse in crossties goes well.
Tie-up in crossties in the solarium with a relaxed horse enjoying the warmth from the infrared heater.