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Rider JB Equimade


“We have them in the stables and we use them every day. They are amazing to connect up. They are really good when the horse panics they don’t make lots of noise compared to chains whipping, so the horse can calm down.”

Jennifer B / Horse owner
Blacksmith Equimade

It is great!

“It doesn’t become so dramatic, it just releases. As soon as they come off, they calm down.It is great!”

Tommy S / Farrier
Rider ClL Equimade

She has got a lot calmer!

“My horse panics a lot, but we have noticed that she has got a lot calmer since she can disconnect herself.
Then it´s easy to get a hold of her again and just reconnect because it is still attached to the halter.”

Clara L / Horse Owner
Rider Sara Equimade

The safety!

“It’s primarily the safety that I like.
I had a young horse when I got them. She tore apart one to two halters every day when she was tied up. When I started using these, she tested one, maybe two times, then stopped throwing herself. Now she stands calmly and has basically not thrown herself ever since.”

Sara G / Horse owner
Rider CA Equimade

Easy to use and don´t hurt you!

“I like the Easy Connects because they are so easy to use and clip on. They don’t hurt if they hit you in the head because they are so light.”

Clara A / Jumping Rider
Rubber tie up for horses Equimade

Not a boat you’re mooring!

“The most important thing is that you have good tie ups and good positioning.
Often you stand in the stall aisle and it is not always so good with space. Rubber batons – I don’t know that they work that well actually. It’s not a boat you’re mooring!”

John N / Farrier
Anna Nilsson Candy Equimade

I’m so happy with them!

“I’ve been using these cross ties for a long time and I’m so happy with them.
The safety carabiner is excellent because it’s so easy to put on!”

Anna N / Eventing rider
Master Farrier JM Equimade

Good that they still are attached to the halter!

“I think it’s good that the tie ups are still attached to the halter, even after they have released. This makes it easy to put them back in place.

Johan M / Farrier Teacher
Farrier JoN Equimade

Silent, simple and convenient!

“They’re silent. They’re simple.
They’re not bulky, but they’re convenient.”

Johanna N / Farrier student
Flyinge Chefsbostaden Equimade


“I feel safer as a teacher. That the horse won’t snap and fall backwards so far that a student gets hurt.”

Johan M / Master Farrier
Groom IG Equimade

Look really nice!

” They work really well, and have lasted a really long time. They are easy to put on and are secure and they even look really nice!”

Isabella G / Groom
Horse mum EA Equimade

Can definitely recommend it!

“I can definitely recommend it as it makes the horse feel safe as it disconnects and then you feel safer as the owner of the horse.”

Erica A / Horse owner
Flyinge Horse Shoes Variations Equimade

They are great!

“They are light. If you want to go past the horse, there is no problem, just to poke them up. They are great.”

Benny J / Farrier teacher
Rider NB Equimade

Really agile and easy to use!

“We use them every day, they are really agile and easy to use. The carabiner is really easy to use and light and they are very quiet when they swing and hit the wall or pole which makes it easier for the horse as it won’t make it panic further.”

Nicole B / Horse owner
Farrier RG Equimade

No noise!

“These tie ups are light and before there was much more noise in here, but we don’t have it anymore.”

Rebecca G / Dip WCF
Horse Care LiS Equimade

Nice for us that use them on many horses every day!

“They are light, so it’s nice for us who use them on many horses every day. They are easy to use, and not as clumsy as other security options. It makes minimal noise and it’s so comfortable. They have large carabiners and are comfortable to hold.”

Lisa S / Horse caretaker
Farrier JF Equimade

Now it´s just easy!

“Before we had chains, and there was a lot of noise. It was kind of annoying, and everybody got stressed out because of all the chains crashing around, and it just made everything a lot harder.
Now it’s just easy, they are relaxed, and if something happens, they will release, and everything will be fine.”

Josefine F / Farrier student
Farrier SeL Equimade

They calm down much faster!

“So you don’t feel that, when something happens and they throw themselves into tantrum, they don’t get that huge panic, they calm down much faster.”

Sebastian L / Groom
Farrier AH Equimade

Behagelige å bruke!

“Jeg synes de er behagelige å bruke.
Jeg har sett noen bruke en tykkere gummislange, men jeg liker den ikke.
Det er bra her på Flyinge at de tar sikkerheten på stort alvor. Man føler seg trygg her.”

Anja Helene D / Farrier student
Jumpingrider CL Equimade


“This is our favourite lead rope, its flexible and easy to connect and disconnect. It is also very robust and sturdy as it has some weight to it. I’ve had this for years and its still really good!”

Clara L / Jumping rider
close up with an old halter but sharp logo Equimade

Much easier, quiter and you can not hurt yourself!

“I use these daily and if you compare these to chains these are much easier to use and much quieter and you can’t really hurt yourself on them.”

Nicole B / Horse owner
Farrier CF Equimade

The safety aspect is important!

“I have a background as a science teacher.

I’m always think about safety, what can go wrong, what can happen.

The safety aspect is important for me, for the horses and for the stable.

These are the first tie ups that I have seen that release safely like this.”

Caijsa F / Science Teacher
White dressage horse Equimade

Quietness and simplicity are amazing!

“The quietness and simplicity are amazing.

It’s convenient that you don’t have to worry about unwanted bounce backs, which can come from rubber systems.”

Susanne W / Dressage Rider
Farrier Rasping Equimade

Safety measure for us as teachers at Flyinge!

“It is a safety measure for us as teachers here at Flyinge, to use these.
Just yesterday there was a horse that got a little panicky, jerked, then one side came loose, the horse stood still. They usually do that when nothing is holding them back and then the horse just calmed down.
I have only seen positive things.
I’ve not seen anything negatives at all, especially on horses that can’t stand to be stuck.”

Benny J / Farrier Teacher at Flyinge
Riding Student HS Equimade

The safety feature is the best!

“The safety feature is the best.
If the horse were to panic, they easily come undone.
They’re not so thick that you can get stuck or hurt yourself.”

Hailey S / Riding Student
Farrier RG Equimade

You can do it safely now!

“You don’t have to injure yourself.
So, be careful,
You can do it safely now”

Rebecca G / Dip WCF
FarrierStudent AH Equimade

Modern solutions that is safer for the horses!

“I think this is a more modern solution that is safer for the horses. It’s opened my eyes a bit as the old chains and ropes are very heavy and loud!”

Anna H / Farrier Student
transportgrimskaft och uppbindningsgrimskaft på sidan av hästens grimma

Very flexible, easy to use and safe!

“We use them at home and we like that they are very flexible,
easy to use and

Cornelia A / Rider
Farrier SofiaL Equimade

A big change!

“It was difficult when I was using chains and a little hair was getting stuck every time.
So that’s been a big change.
They’re a lot quieter too!”

Sofia L / Farrier Student
RiderStudent AE Equimade

Much easier to connect!

“It´s much easier to connect these carabiners than the others.
You only need one hand and you can use the other hand to hold the horse.”

Angelina E / Riding Student
Horse Care LS Equimade

So easy to set them up again!

“One of the horses had it released the other day, and it was so easy to set them up again.”

Lisa S / Rehab specialist
Horse eye Equimade

Looks neat!

“Finally something that looks neat!”

Sussi W / Dressage Rider
Ice axe farrier Equimade

It has many good qualities!

“It is not just safe, it has many good qualities, it is light, and it has the right type of carabiners.”

Johan N / Farrier & Ice climber
Farrier RZ Equimade

Becomes calm and safe instead!

“Before the farrier training, I worked at a riding school for 10 years. I also had some racehorses. I have seen horses throw themselves backwards. It is a scary experience for both horse and human. The horse can seriously injure itself, and it is also dangerous for the person standing nearby.

With these then they get loose, instead of continuing to panic. So then it becomes calm and safe instead.”

Rebecka Z / Farrier Training Program
Farrier EE Equimade

Better to use everywhere!

“These tie ups are better to use everywhere because they are much more silent. The horses can get very stressed from loud noises and banging from chains!”

Emilia E / Farrier Student
Dressage horse Equimade

Doesn´t give trouble when using!

“It’s good to finally have a product you can count on and doesn’t give trouble when using.”

Sussi W / Horse Owner
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